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Alliance of Orange County Workers
A California Non-Profit
Mutual Benefit Corporation

Delbert D. Farley

(714) 588-9841

Jonathan Nickles
(714) 417-1938
Vice President

Melanie Goss

Recording Secretary

Pete Acosta

(714) 417-1940
Financial Secretary/Treasurer

Tommy Gallegos

(714) 417-1989
Sergeant at Arms

Robert Wilberg
(619) 223-3270
Retiree Representative

Board of Directors
Delbert D. Farley
Jonathan A. Nickles
Tommy Gallegos
Maria Acosta
Melanie Goss
Rick Castro
Caesar Grijalva
Jeffrey Eiler
Pete Acosta
Ben Castillo
Steve Fitzgerald
Richard Concepcion

Attorneys & Staff


James G. Harker, Esq.
Kathleen A. Sage, Esq.

Cindy Upton, Legal Secretary
John Upton, Legal Secretary
Bryan James, IT
Tom Hasty, Field Rep.

PO BOX 10211
Santa Ana, Ca. 92711

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    Please send your updates to the 

    PO Box 10211 

    Santa Ana Ca. 92711



            AOCW has handled seven investigations this year so far.  We handled interactive meetings connected with three Americans with Disabilities Act matters.  We resolved one pay problem.  We assisted one retired member with an application for Obamacare, then worked with the Retirement Board to find community assistance for other members.  We filed one complaint with the County’s EEO officer regarding a probationary release.  We requested an investigation into an allegation of assault and counseled both employees regarding proper behavior during the investigation. 


            There were two discharges in the unit.  The Board approved representing the employees to arbitration and the arbitrations are scheduled for August and September.  There were two suspensions, both of which were settled. 


            Besides the two discharges, we filed one safety grievance, which had a reclassification component. 


            Negotiations were completed; the MOU was proofread and has been printed and distributed at the membership meeting.  We held one negotiation meeting regarding the reorganization in OCPW.  We researched the validity of the requirement that the County obtain the health and wellness information for employees and concluded the program was lawful if the health care provider did not pass the information onto the County.  We have been assured that the health care provider will not do that. 

            We have been attempting to get permanent status for the helicopter mechanics but have been unable to do that due to changes in management. 

            We made one appearance before the Board of Supervisors regarding raising fees in the Animal Shelter. 


            We have been regularly attending the stakeholder’s meetings of OCERS in order to properly counsel employees regarding PEPRA, the new retirement law, and to give input into other retirement issues.  Along with other unions, we made a presentation to the Retirement Board opposing an adjustment to the amount deducted from employees’ paychecks to fund the retirement. 


            We scheduled one steward’s training. 


            We also met with four members who have worker’s compensation injuries, referring them to worker’s compensation specialists, pension counseling and aiding them with the interactive process. 


           Your Board for 2014
 Del Farley: President

  Jon Nickels: Vice President

  Jeff Eihler: Executive Secretary

  Pete Acosta: Treasurer

  Tommy Gallegos: Sgt. At Arms

    The next 7 board members are from 
    the following county workers, 

    Maria Acosta: Custodian - Civic Center 

    Ben Castillo: Operator 3 - Bee Canyon

    Richard Conception: Custodian - Civic Center

    Melanie Goss: Grounds Keeper - Bee Canyon

    Steve Fitzgerald:  Contract Insp. - J/W Airport

    Caesar Grijalva:  Mechanic - Shop 2

    Rick Castro: Operator - O & M






























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