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Bernice Cott
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Replacement ballot kits can be requested by employees starting today, November 17th.  A toll free phone and e-mail address will be in operation to handle requests through November 24th. The toll free number for requesting a ballot is 866-255-9232. The email address is:   elections.smcs@perb.ca.gov


AOCW and the County are still negotiating.  There is money on the table, but AOCW and the County have not yet come to agreement.  Currently the County has offered roughly 5% over three years; we are holding at 5% & 5% over two years.  The managers have settled on 81/2% over three years.  There are still significant take aways on the table.  The bargaining team of AOCW is anxious to defeat the Teamsters and negotiate a good raise for the employees of the OSM Unit.  We will keep you posted on our progress. 


And vote.  On this very day, American soldiers are dying for your right to live in a social system in which you can vote.  All of what the members of the unit have been through--the meetings, the debates, the questions, the conversations, and the election are precious rights protected by our Bill of Rights. 


AOCW would like your vote. It would be sad to see whatever raise is negotiated eaten up in a dues increase.  Read the Teamster’s literature carefully.  Their flyers are a little misleading.  There are no $11.00 an hour employees in the unit, so that example doesn’t hold.  The dues would increase substantially for every member of the unit, with no guarantee that the Teamster’s can get a better wage offer.  Vote for AOCW if you see your way clear to it, but whoever you vote for—do vote!  People fought and died—soldiers are fighting and dying—for your right to vote.  Do not take it for granted.  ***Negotiations & Elections Updates***


Important  Information

We would like you to read

Negotiations date is as follows

Nov 2015

No reasonable proposal at this time.

OC Healthy Steps Program

  • See their Wellness Credit in their October Open Enrollment materials.
  • Receive their Wellness Credit beginning pay period one in 2016 (1/15/2016).


The County has opted to provide an extension period for the OC Healthy Steps Program for those that were not able to complete their steps by the deadline.


The extension period will be from August 22, 2015 to September 25, 2015.   


If you choose the extension option, the biweekly health plan payroll deductions in 2016 may not be reduced to reflect their Wellness Participation Credit until February 11, 2016. 


(The County will make every effort to complete the extension processing earlier, however can only guarantee the credit starting February 11, 2016.) 


(In other words, choosing the extension will delay the credit and cost you money, so get the paperwork in if you can.)


If you  need any assistance please call the StayWell HelpLine at 800-892-8912 or log onto ochealthysteps.staywell.com to complete your steps.


We would like to thank you for your support and

We will also be doing some job site visits within

the next few weeks.



                The County has sent out computerized notices regarding the Healthy Steps program.  The County has not negotiated the extension of this program with any union.  While AOCW does not agree with that course of action, in order to avoid employees’ losing money, AOCW is urging employees to complete the Healthy Steps paperwork.  If you do not have access to a computer, or have problems with the forms, the County has made special provisions. 


Specifically, the County is providing:


Training classes where employees will have access to a computer, and HRS Employee Benefits staff will be available to assist them.  HRS Employee Benefits has sent out notices regarding dates and times for these specific training classes. 


Additionally, employees without computer access may call StayWell directly at 1-800-492-9812.


If necessary, StayWell is also able to send paper forms to employees in order for them to complete the HRA and the Non-Smoking Attestation upon request. 


Finally, StayWell has language line services available for employees who wish to speak to someone in a language other than English.  If you need such assistance, again please call 1-800-492-9812.

If you have any questions please

feel free to contact any of us on

the board.

 Please contact your Board members and/or steward if you have bargaining information to contribute.





We need updated address's

Please send your updates to the 

PO Box 10211 

Santa Ana Ca. 92711















































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