Welcome to AOCW


Alliance of Orange County Workers
A California Non-Profit
Mutual Benefit Corporation

Delbert D. Farley

(714) 588-98411

Jonathan Nickles
(714) 417-1938
Vice President

Melanie Goss

Recording Secretary

Pete Acosta

(714) 417-1940
Financial Secretary/Treasurer

Tommy Gallegos

(714) 417-1989
Sergeant at Arms

Robert Wilberg
(619) 223-3270
Retiree Representative

Board of Directors
Delbert D. Farley
Jonathan A. Nickles
Tommy Gallegos
Maria Acosta
Melanie Goss
Jeffrey Eiler
Pete Acosta
Ben Castillo
Steve Fitzgerald

Attorneys & Staff


James G. Harker, Esq.
Kathleen A. Sage, Esq.

Cindy Upton, Legal Secretary
John Upton, Legal Secretary
Bryan James, IT
Tom Hasty, Field Rep.

PO BOX 10211
Santa Ana, Ca. 92711

          So Long for now to AOCW

We want to thank you all, for the time we have

worked together. We hope all the best in the

future for all.  Any one that still has any active 

grievances, we have pass them on to the

new Union.

As for all union workers, we want to thank you

for all the time and hard work you committed to 

your co workers. You have all our  respect.

            The Board Members of AOCW
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